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Remove the complexity of your divorce with New South Wales' leading online service

Obtain your divorce without complexity. Designed for either individuals or couples who want a simple, safe, fixed-fee online divorce service which won’t break your budget.

Options to fit your needs and budget

Start your divorce application online using our safe simple form. Click the button to get started.

Seeking to finalise your property settlement? Click below for a complete online service to get started.

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Do you struggle with…

Finding time to see a solicitor to sort out your Divorce.

Spending way too much hard-earned money to obtain your Divorce.

Simply not knowing what to do to go about obtaining your Divorce.

Thinking it's just too hard to get divorced as your spouse is overseas, hard to locate, uncooperative or there is a high level of conflict.

Attending in person with a solicitor as English is your second language, there is a cultural barrier or simply a lack of confidence or time.

WE GET IT - obtaining a divorce in New South Wales can be challenging and on first thoughts can seem way too hard.

 IT is not surprising that following separation individuals or even co-operative couples may struggle to organise the legal step of ending the marriage – a Divorce. We know this and are an online law firm who are solely dedicated to getting a divorce undertaken in a way that is safe, simplified and online. We approach each matter with kindness and empathy which are part of our DNA.

SO WE PROMISE - to go the extra mile whether in finding and serving your spouse with the divorce Application OR for a joint Application to gently guide the two of you through the process.

AND WE GUARANTEE FANTASTIC COMMUNICATION - once we commence acting to meet or exceed timeframes communicated to you for each step of the divorce process until completion.

WE ALSO BELIEVE - that obtaining a divorce is only one part of the separation journey. To assist that journey you will also receive as part of our STANDARD FEE

Ready for...







What our clients are saying
Over 300 Google Reviews (4.9 Rating)

5 stars
Great service and understanding demonstrated by the group at "Your Online Legal Group" - the handling of my Divorce proceedings was seamless and they assisted with easy to understand guidance and a step by step approach -- really recommended !!!
Greg Beattie
Greg Beattie
I would like to recommend their service as the team was informative and provided clear guidance resulting in predictable outcomes
monica baek
monica baek
I was very happy with the service I received. Couldn’t fault them in any way. They were excellent and helpful to deal with. Highly recommend them to anyone who needs help.
Tua Tairea
Tua Tairea
Thank you so much.
S s
S s
Very easy and convenient. So helpful with any questions, and fast to respond. Super happy. Time to celebrate now. Thank you
Toni Dutchess
Toni Dutchess
Extremely helpful throughout the process of my lengthly divorce. Experienced team who assisted me through every step of the way.
Paul Kynigopoulos
Paul Kynigopoulos
Hello I highly recommend using YOUR LEGAL ONLINE GROUP. From start to finish they were on top of it all and answered emails quickly.they save my Thousand of money. My divorce case is really very tricky but Your Legal Online Group done ✅ work very good .all teams members are very good …100% safe and Trusted Thanks to all team members Regards Ravinder Singh
Steev Saini
Steev Saini
A first class company to work with on my divorce. Kept me up to date and with clear instructions on what I had to do to make this as the least stressful as possible. Thankyou to everybody for looking after my situation.
Raymond Short
Raymond Short

Honoured to be Lawyers Weekly Award Finalists

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What to expect

Who We Are

New South Wales and Australia’s leading, and arguably kindest, legal team who are dedicated to ensuring your finalisation of marriage, with a wholly online divorce application service, is achieved swiftly and WITHOUT the need or stress for you to personally attend Court.

We do it all including your divorce hearing. 

Our experienced divorce solicitors attend more hearings than any other divorce provider in New South Wales and Australia. IN FACT over 2% of Australians who get divorced use our service. 

What We Do

After you complete a simple question and answer online divorce application we prepare your Divorce Application and email it to you to sign. We then file your Application and arrange service on your spouse. We file your service documents with the Court and then attend the divorce hearing on your behalf. It’s that simple. No Court queues, no delays if forms are incorrectly completed.

What Will It Cost

Unlike non legal divorce providers in New South Wales and Australia, we do far more than just provide you with a Divorce Application and “How to” sheet and leaving it up to you to sort out the rest including the hearing itself.

This costs a little more but still far less than personally attending and engaging a local law firm.

Payment plans available

Divorce E-book

Request a FREE copy of the ‘Your Ultimate Guide to Divorce’ ebook.

Your Ultimate Guide to Divorce E-book

Standard Fee Divorce: $770*

For Joint Application and Sole Applications including where there are children of the marriage now under 18 the cost is $770.00.

If we do need to personally serve your spouse (to prove they have received the Application) you need to allow an extra $250.00 which will pay for us to engage a separate process server and then arranging service.

How it works

Studio 10 TV Interview

How we help

Any Extra Costs?*

The Court charges you a filing fee to start your divorce process. This fee is $1060.00 OR if you hold a benefit card the fee is reduced to $350.00.

We will need to file a copy of your Marriage Certificate. Don’t panic if you don’t have your copy. We can help you order one from the Registry. Please see our Obtaining a Marriage Certificate resource for more information.
The cost to obtain the marriage certificate varies but is about $65 – $85.

Our standard fee does not include where you have been living under one roof following separation in the last 12 months and affidavit material is required as to your separate living arrangements. Our additional fee is $165.

Our standard fee does not include where there are complex service issues with your Application on your former spouse. Where an Application and supporting affidavits are required during the proceedings OR a Response is received which needs to be addressed our additional fee will be $195 payable if this step is necessary.

Lastly, if we need to post your Application to your former spouse who is living overseas an extra fee of $45 is incurred for trackable postage.

Is My Money Safe With You?/Can I pay by Instalments?

Simply – yes (on both questions). We are happy to arrange payment of the divorce costs by instalments. We will always speak to you to discuss this when we receive your application. We are Australian family solicitors who must hold money received in our trust account. Our solicitors have practised for over 30 years in the Australian community.

How Am I Kept Updated?

We will update you by email at every crucial step. Once we have your online application we will complete your Application and email it for you to sign. Upon signing and return we will file the Application with the Court and advise you of the hearing date. We will update you by email of service details on your spouse. Upon the hearing we will confirm the Divorce Order having been made.

How Long Will The Process Take?

Once you complete our questionnaire and your Application is lodged, the divorce hearing happens about 16 weeks later. This allows for the Application to be served on your spouse and any further paperwork to be filed. A month and a day after the hearing the final Decree of Divorce is automatically made by the Court and the final Divorce Order is sent by us to you. No hassle. All done!