Once upon a time, there were only two ways to get a divorce – See a solicitor or do DIY Divorce Application Kit.

The first way was to make an appointment to see a Solicitor, take time out of your day, find a car park and then give the information to the Solicitor who would prepare an application and ask you to come back and repeat the process in order to sign the application so it could be filed. The Solicitor would then mail off the application to the relevant court registry and the process of your divorce would begin.

The second alternative was to take on the challenge of the DIY Divorce Application Kit. With the rise of online services various non-lawyers thought it might be of assistance to produce a divorce kit to assist you in completing your own application, filing it with the court and then taking all the necessary steps yourself towards service of the application, filing the further paperwork and then attending the hearing yourself as needed. For about $110.00 to $165.00 these divorce kits still exist ……BUT….. what do I get for my money.

What do you get with a DIY Divorce Application Kit

Sometimes we have to let you in on a secret. A DIY divorce kit is exactly that. You might be able to complete a few questions online and a provider will then send you a form but then you are completely left on your own to take the next step to arrange filing of that application and all the other steps required thereafter.

When you have received a completed divorce application and spent your $165.00 the diy divorce application kit providers DO NOT then assist you in working out how to file the application. In recent times filing a divorce application has moved from a paper system (ie. physically lodging documents) to an electronic portal system which requires both personal registration and then lodgement and uploading of documents. Now most of us have some degree of tech savviness these days but the process of doing so can be cumbersome and if the documents are not right they will be rejected time and time again.

Further, once you have finally filed the documents then you still have to take all of the other steps yourself.

A lawyer who acts for himself has a fool for a client

Some of you may be aware of the old saying above. It really means that …. Your Divorce are not mechanics and can’t fix cars but we do divorces for a living. The making of a Court application is generally not in most people’s skill set nor comfort level.

So where is the value?

The value of adopting Your Divorce system is that it is the only online divorce application end-to-end legal solution available to have your divorce undertaken from the comfort of your lounge room in Australia. Whilst the cost to do this is a little bit more than a divorce kit the speed, simplicity and peace of mind in using our service means you are ensured of a vastly superior outcome. You are in safe hands from the moment you click the ‘Get Started’ button until you receive our final email telling you your divorce is through. Even better you won’t need to attend court as we do it all for you.

Don’t think twice

When you weigh up your options now available it makes perfect sense to adopt the Your Divorce process in making your application online. In fact, in 10 years (or maybe even less) people will be asking why were divorces done in any other way.