Is using a solicitor directly or preparing my own divorce a good choice

As we have noted in recent blogs a divorce application requires the undertaking of a number of steps from preparing the application, arranging service and up to the hearing itself in order for the divorce be finalised as quickly and effectively as possible.

As lawyers we recognise that ”Family Law” solicitors are or ought be well versed in these procedures and should be able to be used with some confidence.

So why consider using the Your Divorce service ?

The Your Divorce service has several advantages over directly approaching your local solicitor. The first of these is simply cost. We are confident that in avoiding a number of fixed costs and undertaking a large volume of divorces with great systems in place that we are able to offer our divorce service at a significantly lower cost than your local solicitor.

Secondly, there is the issue of convenience. In seeing your local solicitor you need to potentially take time away from work or home during business hours, find parking at your expense and make several attendances upon your solicitor to proceed with the divorce process. If you have to take time away from work this is a further cost to you. The convenience of being able to file your application and complete your forms online at any time day or night is a significant increase in convenience to you. We understand that people’s time is precious and we have designed the process to be at as least intrusive as possible so that we can proceed with your divorce and undertake the process as quickly as possible.

Doing the Divorce Yourself

In relation to the second option of undertaking the process yourself, there is an old saying “if I am not a plumber I shouldn’t be doing the plumbing”. Whilst we are not plumbers we are solely focused in applying for and finalising your divorce. The hassle of trying to complete the forms on your own behalf, then lodging those forms, serving the application on your spouse and doing updating forms as necessary can all be overcome with one fixed small fee paid to Your Divorce to undertake all of these matters on your behalf. As a recent client of ours said having tried to undertake the divorce process themselves and purchased a Divorce Kit online “Had I known this service existed I would have used it in a heartbeat”.

Usually speaking where there are children under the age of 18 it is necessary for you to personally attend at Court whether you are doing the divorce on your own behalf or have your local solicitor attend to same. This can be a disheartening process when you realise you are one of 15 or 20 people queued to see the Registrar to have your divorce order made. When we undertake your divorce this problem is overcome as we are able to attend it on your behalf and no attendance by you is required. We consider this to be a fantastic result all round.

When you weigh up your options as to how you wish to finalise your marriage we strongly suggest you chose convenience and cost benefits to how you approach this by making Your Divorce your first choice to get the best of both worlds.