Getting a Divorce In Australia in 2024

Common Questions & Answers   Thinking about getting a Divorce In Australia in 2024?   You are not alone.   Around 50,000 Australian couples obtain a divorce each year. Obtaining a divorce raises many questions about the process and what happens afterwards.   This article deals with four very common questions that arise about divorce […]

10 Tips For Surviving Separation While Living Together

Surviving Separation while living together

Table of Contents Surviving separation while living together. Yes it can be challenging, but it can be done.    There are many reasons people continue to stay together once separated.   Separation can be an emotionally challenging process that can take a toll on any individual or family involved.   However, sometimes due to life’s […]

Getting Divorced in Australia While Living Under The Same Roof

Do you think it is possible in getting Divorced in Australia while living under the same roof?   Divorce can be a complex and emotionally challenging process, even more so when a couple decides to separate but continues living under the same roof.   In Australia, the law recognises that some couples may need to […]

Joint or Individual Application For Divorce Australia

Joint Divorce Application Online

Table of Contents What is the difference between Joint or Individual Application for Divorce in Australia?   The Family Law Act allows the ending of a marriage by a divorce application to be filed in one of two different ways.    A joint application for divorce is where both parties of the marriage must sign […]

Acknowledgement Of Service Divorce

Divorce documents being served

Table of Contents How To Serve Your Application For Divorce 2023 An Application for Divorce is filed in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.   If it is a joint application, then it is signed by both parties to the marriage and does not need to be served.   However, an individual Application […]

Do I have To Sign Divorce Papers?

Do I have to sign divorce papers?

A common question asked upon separation is “Do I have to sign Divorce papers?” or can your former spouse refuse to sign divorce paperwork and you won’t be able to get divorced.  The answer to this question is that under Australian law you will be able to obtain your divorce whether your former spouse wants […]

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How To Serve Divorce Papers Australia

Serving Divorce Papers Australia

Email us anytime | Business Hours – Monday to Friday AEST How To Serve Divorce Papers Australia. Want to know how to serve Divorce Papers in Australia? All Individual Divorce Applications filed by only one of the separated spouses needs to be served or ‘given’ to the other spouse. Read more to find out all the […]

Divorce Rate In Australia

Divorce Rate Australia

Email us anytime | Business Hours – Monday to Friday AEST Did the COVID pandemic impacted the Divorce rate in Australia? Today we will learn about the Divorce rate in Australia, and how the COVID pandemic has had an impact on this figure. Hi, my name is Geoff Ebert, Principal Solicitor at Your Divorce – Australia’s […]

How long after Divorce can you remarry in Australia

Email us anytime | Business Hours – Monday to Friday AEST How long after Divorce can you remarry in Australia So how long after Divorce can you remarry in Australia really?  You should allow not less than 4-6 months for this process to occur, particularly if your former spouse is uncooperative or whereabouts are unknown or […]