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Best Online Divorce Australia

Best Online Divorce Australia 🇦🇺

8 reasons why you should use Your Divorce 
No Court, Safe, Secure, Speedy & Simple

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Worried about divorce? 

Using Your Divorce as your online guide is the best decision you can make.  

Your Divorce allows you to get your Divorce done from the comfort of home.  100% Completely online.  

Based on the feedback that we constantly receive from people who use our online Divorce service.

It has become obvious that using our online service is the best decision you can make.

These are the 8 reasons why we are the Best Online Divorce Australia.   

 So, why are we the best choice for you? 


Did you know you could also be entitled to half of your spouses Super?

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Reason 1: We’ve adapted to deliver convenience 


Your Divorce allows you to get your Divorce done from the comfort of home.

We have been doing this since 2018, pre-pandemic and have been leaders in providing online legal services. 

Reason 2: We know our stuff


We have over 30 years background in legal matters. 

Being Australia’s largest divorce provider we undertake approximately 3% of Australia’s divorce applications each year. 

We have encountered almost every conceivable obstacle to obtaining your divorce and we know how to overcome them. 

No matter how tricky some circumstances get we have always found a way forward to complete a hearing.  

Our team members are professional, experienced and well trained.

For example, our staff have worked together for more than 20 years. 

Reason 3: Our Service Is Simple To Use


No matter where you live, all you need to access our service is an internet connection. 

It only takes 15 minutes of your time to commence your application with us. 

Simply complete the questions in our online application form and we will immediately be in touch with you to get your divorce underway. 

Importantly, no payment is required until we have spoken with you or communicated by email to confirm your requirements.  

Your Divorce work with trust and empathy

Reason 4: Kindness


Our vision at Your Divorce is to allow our clients to move on with their lives upon the breakdown of marriage by providing assistance in a kind and caring manner. 

Our Team will always treat you with the respect you deserve. 


Your Divorce staff can help you survive separation while living together and help you move forward with your divorce

Reason 5: Speed


At Your Divorce we have worked extensively to develop systems that will allow your divorce paperwork to be completed and lodged with the Court.

As quickly as possible

Fuss free.  

We seek the earliest possible hearing date for your divorce  

This means you can move forward with your life once the divorce is complete.

Joint Applications can be completed faster as service of the application on the other party is not required. 

Reason 6: Cost


Using Your Divorce is the sweet spot between trying to undertake the divorce process yourself – with the complexities of paperwork and document service – and the vastly more expensive option of directly engaging a solicitor in your local area.  

 Because we solely focus on divorce applications, we can make the process more efficient and more affordable.

This can be a reduction to one third of the cost of engaging a solicitor in a traditional law firm. 

 Making us your most cost-effective option. 

Reason 7: How we work with culture and language barriers


In providing an online service, we have removed the barrier where English may be a second or foreign language.  

Sometimes seeing a solicitor directly to obtain your divorce may not be culturally appropriate.

Because we offer our service from a distance and with no face to face contact such a barrier is eliminated.

We have served many, many people that this applies too and have obtained their divorce for them. 

No 8 – Perhaps the most important reason is your safety:  


The ending of a marriage can be a stressful and high conflict period.  

In filing your divorce application we have systems in place to protect your confidentiality and if needed your children’s information too. 

This keeps you and potentially your children safe from your former spouse if required.


Your Divorce Founder Geoff Ebert

We also have a great read on “How To Prepare For Divorce” this is a must if you are looking into what you need to do to get started or organised. 

Your Next Step:

Sometimes it takes a little bit of courage to take the legal step of ending the marriage.  

We understand this deeply and work with you empathically.   

If you are ready to start your application process, Start Application Here to commence your process.

Or email us at with any further query.  

We will then be in touch with you, at no initial cost, to clarify any outstanding matters or concerns to get your divorce underway. 

It really can be that simple. On behalf of out Team I wish you all the best.