Background to the Divorce Process

In Australia there are approximately 120,000.00 Marriages per year. Unfortunately, a number of these marriages do not last forever. This has led to the process of divorce being formalised as a legal process.

Online Divorce Application and the P Word

Obtaining a legal divorce is not fun. There are many other more enjoyable tasks you could be doing with your life; surfing, knitting or spending time with your children. However, getting a divorce can be an important step then moving on with your life. Today we look at the P word ‘Procrastination’ and the reasons […]

Getting A Divorce – Your Trusted Advisor

When Is Your Legal Adviser Your “Trusted Legal Adviser” When you need to obtain legal advice or any professional advice a feeling of trust is the most important element. There is a general assumption that professional advisers are competent in what they do (we hope this is the case) but the building of trust and […]

Acknowledgement of Service Divorce – Serving the divorce application

We have previously written about some of the interesting issues that arise regarding the service of divorce applications. Having previously dealt with:- Substituted Applications for Service When the spouse cannot be located Service by email (whether it is allowed) We have another curiosity to reveal today. When do we need an Affidavit from the divorce […]

Filing For Divorce Online

In a large number of areas of emerging technology it is the case that technology moves faster than the law can keep up. An example, is 3D printing. It is not inconceivable that in the next few years you will be able to 3D print your next pair of Nike running shoes from the 3D […]

Eligibility for Divorce In Australia

Your Divorce has prepared this summary to assist in working out whether you can bring a divorce application. We hope this snapshot is a useful planning tool. The Basics in Plain English You need to be married in either Australia or overseas. If you were married overseas and if you have taken Australian Citizenship/have permanent […]

Getting Divorced In Australia – Child Custody Laws

It is a curiosity of the 1974 introduction of the Family Law Act that the legal process of obtaining a divorce contains provisions in relation to the children of the marriage. The Family Law Act is an extensive piece of Legislation dealing with many aspects of separation including property, arrangements for children, spousal support and […]

How does a divorce work with a child?

By way of background, there is a section within a Divorce Application enquiring about the arrangements for children so that a Court can establish there are proper arrangements in relation to their care and wellbeing. When you complete an Application with Your Divorce there is a section where we seek information from you in relation […]

Can you get a divorce without the other person signing in Australia?

Like most things in life sometimes actions you undertake proceed smoothly but at other times every possible problem that could occur arises. Applying for a divorce can sometimes appear this way. This week we look at real-life examples of matters that have arisen in our recent divorce applications. Getting your marriage certificate When filing a […]