Do I have to attend my divorce hearing?

One of the great unknowns, when you commence the divorce process is what actually happens at the Divorce Hearing. The uncertainty about this process can be off-putting for many people and can delay taking the step to file their Application. In this blog, we try to demystify the Divorce Hearing and how Your Divorce is […]

Simple divorce application Australia

Many of you will be familiar with the television series the Good Doctor. Whilst our television hero grapples with interacting in daily life when it comes down to the critical life and death analysis and decisions he needs to make as a surgeon, he has a laser like focus in order to save the day […]

Divorce in Australia property settlement

Many times when couples separate they do not go to the time and expense of preparing formal property settlement Consent Order documents or actually go to Court to have a final Order made with respect to property. There are various reasons for this including; There are no assets to divide or very limited chattels such […]

What happens when one spouse doesn’t want a divorce?

We like to think that things in life ought to run smoothly. Unfortunately, we all know that this is not the case. At times this can apply to your divorce application and the finalisation of your marriage. In this blog, we discuss some common roadblocks and how we overcome them to get your divorce finalised. […]

Application for divorce kit – Can I file for a divorce on my own?

Once upon a time, there were only two ways to get a divorce – See a solicitor or do DIY Divorce Application Kit. The first way was to make an appointment to see a Solicitor, take time out of your day, find a car park and then give the information to the Solicitor who would […]

Cost of divorce in Australia

Financial support when separating

At Your Divorce, we took an opportunity to look around the market for legal services in particular family law and divorce. What we see can occasionally be surprising and interesting. Here are some results. So if I go to see a solicitor what does my divorce cost in each State We took the time to […]

What happens if spouse doesn’t sign divorce papers?

After we have mastered getting your divorce application underway and getting the Hearing date, problems can sometimes arise in having your spouse acknowledge service of the Divorce Paperwork. A Court must be satisfied that the ending of the marriage is brought to the attention of your spouse or every reasonable endeavour is undertaken to do […]

Preparing for divorce checklist

One of the enemies of getting a divorce is procrastination. The reasons for procrastination vary but one of the key reasons is not knowing what to do or what documents are required to make it happen. For this blog we give you a snap shot of the things you will need to do to assist […]

Simple divorce application online Australia

When we started Your Divorce a while ago like all new business ventures we were naturally worried whether there was a need for our service. What we found surprised and delighted us. In the first week alone over 200 Australians viewed our site and over a dozen of them reached out to us by making […]

Divorce application Western Australia (WA)

One of the interesting things about living in Australia is that laws between each of the States is not always consistent. Family law is one of those areas. Way back in 1975 the then Federal Government passed the Family Law Act which consolidated family law matters involving property, children and divorce under the one piece […]