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I’m too scared to leave my husband

Introduction Marriages come to an end for all sorts of reasons but in some of these cases it is because of domestic violence, drug addiction or abuse where fear of the other party is a result. I am fearful but want to apply for a divorce A natural question which arises in applying for a […]

Help with Divorce Online – marriage separation with low cost

At Your Divorce, our sole mission is to let you finalise your marriage in the simplest possible way, speedily and with minimum cost to you. As part of this process we take the opportunity to speak with our many clients from all over Australia as to how they have experienced the process. We have learnt […]

History of Divorce In Australia

What is A Divorce?

Introduction Back in the early 1990’s when the author of this blog was but a young starry eyed solicitor, the practice of law and the provision of legal services to clients was vastly different. Solicitors did not have computers on their desks, electric typewriters were still in use and word processing of basically all documents […]