One of the interesting things about living in Australia is that laws between each of the States is not always consistent. Family law is one of those areas.

Way back in 1975 the then Federal Government passed the Family Law Act which consolidated family law matters involving property, children and divorce under the one piece of legislation. All States and Territories adopted this Legislation except for Western Australia. After more than forty (40) years it is difficult to recall why the Western Australia government decided to go on its own way, but the reality is as of 2018 Western Australia has its own Family Court however with virtually identical legislation to interpret.

So, what does this mean for divorce in Western Australia

As mentioned in previous Blogs the process of getting divorced in all States except Western Australia occurs through a Court known as the Federal Circuit Court which is a Commonwealth Court which runs parallel with the Family Court under the Family Law Act and related legislation. The process of filing an Application and having a Hearing in the Federal Circuit Court of those Eastern and Southern States we have mentioned in previous Blogs and we won’t repeat the process here. However, in Western Australia curiously whilst having its own Family Court they have adopted a virtually identical system of obtaining a legal ending of the marriage through their own Family Court system. Thus, the process of lodging an Application, arranging service of the Application and providing supporting documents and then undertaking the Hearing are for all purposes the same.

What does that mean when getting divorced in Western Australia

The good news is getting divorced in Western Australia is a process that Your Divorce can achieve on your behalf. As we are a law firm with its lawyers recognised nationally we are able to proceed to prepare all of your documentation, take steps to arrange service and all the intervening documentation to ensure the Application will proceed and still attend the Hearing on your behalf. Once again simplicity and convenience are available at the click of your mouse.

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