When Is Your Legal Adviser Your “Trusted Legal Adviser”

When you need to obtain legal advice or any professional advice a feeling of trust is the most
important element. There is a general assumption that professional advisers are competent in what
they do (we hope this is the case) but the building of trust and empathy from your adviser is the
“secret sauce” in your professional adviser arrangements.

How Is Trust Built

There are a number of elements as to why or how a professional adviser becomes your trusted
adviser. We would suggest a few of these elements are as follows:-

Time In The Market – There is a general rule that if your professional adviser is a business or firm
that has been operating for a long time or the people within that firm have been practicing for a long
time, that they have developed both competence and expertise in the areas in which they practice
or advise. For example, the team at Your Divorce have been operating as a legal firm continuously
since the 1950’s and the current individuals who assist you at Your Divorce have more than 25 years
of legal experience. They have seen and experienced all of the ups, downs and various oddities that
arise in giving their legal advice.

Have they Undertaken The Specific Task Before – If you are purchasing a legal service, such as a
divorce you want to be sure your adviser has demonstrated legal expertise in the area. The team at
Your Divorce have undertaken hundreds (if not thousands) of divorces over many many years. You
can feel safe that your matter can be capably handled, and any issues have been seen before. You
don’t want to be your Doctor’s first surgery !!!

Open Communication – A great trusted adviser communicates promptly, frequently and in a
language you can understand. The team at Your Divorce have set themselves a very high standard in
returning your emails and calls within 24 hours. When you lodge an application with Your Divorce
you can be assured that within one business day you will have received a reply. We give you our
guarantee that we will communicate with you quickly and explain things to you in plain English. Our
job is to ‘carry your load’ to minimise any worry or stress that undertaking the divorce process may

Transparency About The Costs – A great trusted adviser will do two things, firstly they will be
completely transparent and up front about the costs you will incur. Secondly, they will discuss with
you how those costs can be paid to avoid any nasty surprises. At Your Divorce you will know exactly
what your divorce will cost and your payments options including by instalments to meet your budget


When you drill down as to the difference between having a pleasant or unhappy experience when
dealing with a professional adviser, the above markers are great indicators whether your experience
will be pleasant or a necessary evil. When you take your “leap of faith” please know we always go
the extra mile. The team at Your Divorce genuinely believe that your experience with us will meet
the tests of our becoming a trusted source of advice. As always, we are happy to answer any emails
at help@your-divorce.com.au or you may obtain further information about the divorce process or
commence your application on our website.