At Your Divorce, our sole mission is to let you finalise your marriage in the simplest possible way, speedily and with minimum cost to you.

As part of this process we take the opportunity to speak with our many clients from all over Australia as to how they have experienced the process. We have learnt to love the feedback and take it onboard. Some of the feedback has been very positive, as seen by the testimonials on our Home Page.

Owning your Mistakes

Even though we follow a very similar process on repeat occasions, there are times where by oversight or human error, little things can pop up. As an example, a divorce we have filed was recently adjourned because the police officer who witnessed the Affidavit for our client, who was residing in Victoria, was not a Police Sergeant or a higher rank and did not realise that they were not able to witness the Affidavit. When the document was returned to us, we did not pick up that the police office had not listed their rank and accordingly, the Application was adjourned while we had a new Affidavit re-signed. This put our client to a degree of personal inconvenience.

The important lessons we learn when issues arise is that firstly, the are not repeated, secondly, that we will work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, and lastly, we will never cause you as our client to incur further expense – we own our mistakes.

The team at Your Divorce at the end of the day are human; we make mistakes, we are mums and dads and part of your community. As the saying goes to err is human. That being said, our mission is to complete your divorce and throughout our entire history we have never stepped away from this duty notwithstanding the interesting and never ending myriad of issues we can face, including language barriers, marriage certificates in unusual languages and police officers who forget what they can and can’t sign.

We would like to hear from you with your feedback or to simply join us in our quest to provide the most simple and pain free divorce service in Australia. Feel free to contact us by email or if you require a divorce to be undertaken, start your Application on our website at