In the past

In the not too distant past getting a divorce involved either you or your solicitor obtaining a paper application for divorce and related paperwork and arranging completion of the Application. Once the Application was completed you would need to send it off after making multiple copies, with various supporting documentation including a copy of your marriage certificate and a cheque for fees and eventually some weeks later your application would come back. That was Part 1 of the process.

Part 2 of the process involved serving the Application. Once again there was an exchange of paperwork either between you and your former spouse or with the assistance of a process server delivering the documentation to your spouse. Again, fairly lengthy documents needed to be lodged in paper with the Registry where your divorce was being held. If there were children involved more complex paperwork was needed.

Finally, in the original system you would usually need to attend at the Court amongst a group of other applicants to prove that you have taken all the necessary steps and completed the paperwork perfectly (Part 3). The Court Registrar would take their role very seriously and it was often the case that any minor defects in the paperwork meant that you were sent away cap in hand to try and fix up the problems and come back again for another try later on. The entire process was clumsy and significantly costly on your time.

The New Way Forward

The team at Your Divorce have worked hard to completely change the way your divorce is undertaken. We have been able to adopt a wholly electronic system of completion of paperwork and have the opportunity to attend Court on your behalf where required so that you do not need to be personally present when your Divorce Order is made.

Once you have clicked on the Start Your Application within a matter of minutes you have completed all of the necessary information for your divorce to commence. We will still need a copy of your Certificate of Marriage but with scanning you can always keep your original copy. If you cannot locate your original copy we are able to obtain a copy for you.

Once you have completed the information we prepare your application and email it back to you for signing. If there are any gaps in the information we will of course clarify them with you and again, with a few simple clicks of the keyboard your application will be lodged by us and your hearing date obtained.

It is still necessary to serve a copy of the divorce application on your spouse except in the unusual circumstance where you have no knowledge where they reside. There is a process to get around that issue and your divorce can still proceed even if you do not know where your former spouse is or are simply unable to bring the divorce application to their attention.

The Divorce Hearing

Again, with only a few minutes effort all of the interim steps will be completed and your divorce application can proceed. As needed we will attend on the divorce application on your behalf and your Divorce Order will be made. The law still requires that a month and a day pass after the Divorce Order is made prior to your divorce becoming finalised and the

Divorce Certificate then is electronically available. We will then provide same to you for your records and this chapter of your life will be concluded.

Your costs

In relation to your divorce application we are completely transparent with the costs. When you have completed your Application we will give you the exact costs including filing fees and process server fees if required. Once you have reviewed and signed the Application, arranged a simple direct debit or BPay of the filing and related fees, your divorce application will be filed and the process underway.

To us the convenience of your divorce application is our number 1 priority. We make it simple and encourage you to take the first step.