Marriages come to an end for all sorts of reasons but in some of these cases it is because of domestic violence, drug addiction or abuse where fear of the other party is a result.

I am fearful but want to apply for a divorce

A natural question which arises in applying for a divorce is do I have to let my former spouse know where I live or other contact details. In simple terms the answer is no. There are provisions under the Family Law Act and in the Application for Divorce that you can elect not to provide your contact details including address, telephone number or email address and that your address for service of documents can be via a third party.

Where does Your Divorce fit in

At Your Divorce we are perfectly placed to protect your anonymity. In other words, in your divorce application we can indicate to the Court and thus your former spouse that your contact details are not to be disclosed and that we are the sole point of contact. As solicitors, our confidentiality training and legal requirements are such that we would never disclose your contact details to your former spouse.

Can you feel safe

The answer is simply Yes. There should be no reason, if you wish to proceed with your divorce that concerns about your personal well-being and safety should stand in the way. By using our service we will remove this road block and let you finalise your marriage without risk or worry.

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