Obtaining a legal divorce is not fun. There are many other more enjoyable tasks you could be doing
with your life; surfing, knitting or spending time with your children.

However, getting a divorce can be an important step then moving on with your life. Today we look at
the P word ‘Procrastination’ and the reasons why people procrastinate and our solutions in relation
to them.

The First Road Block – Price

There is a perception that getting a divorce is very expensive. This is relatively true compared to the
price of a cup of coffee, however at Your Divorce we are have taken two steps to make the issue of
price less of a concern. The first is that by undertaking the process online we have significantly
reduced the legal cost you will spend. These costs are now one-half to one-quarter of what you
would incur were you to visit your local solicitor.

The second aspect is aside from making it more affordable is that we have allowed you to pay for the
costs of your divorce by instalments. So instead of having to find one lump sum to pay for the
divorce, you can now budget your costs and pay for the divorce over three to four months. Problem

Divorce and the missing spouse (I don’t know where my former spouse is)

There is a common misconception that if I don’t know where my former spouse is living or have
trouble contacting them that I can’t proceed to get divorced. This is simply untrue. The legal process
allows that in those circumstances your Application for Divorce can either be served on a third party
who will bring the divorce to your former spouse’s attention, or in fact, if you have taken all
reasonable steps the service of your Divorce Application can be waived and the divorce can proceed
without actual notice to your former spouse.

If you fit into these circumstances, don’t procrastinate, just simply let us know the background and
we will assist you in overcoming this challenge.

Divorce and Domestic Violence

Another reason to delay getting a divorce is a concern that this will cause further disharmony in
what may already be a fractured relationship. At Your Divorce we are able proceed with your
Divorce Application without disclosing your location or contact details. In essence we are the middle
man. This significantly reduces any risk in relation to aspects of domestic violence or general
disharmony arising between you and your former spouse.

It is important to let us know if there are any such issues, but we treat all matters sensitively and
minimise any risk and make you feel safe.

Divorce and Property Settlement

Divorce and Property Settlement are two separate legal processes. Once you have been separated
for twelve months you can proceed with your divorce, whether or not you have finally divided your
property assets between you on a formal or informal basis. Therefore, if you wish to take the step to
obtain your divorce, don’t let the lack of a property settlement hold you back. Once again when you
complete your online application, we will clarify any outstanding aspects in this regard to ensure
your divorce proceeds as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Of course, if you have any queries in this aspect, we are happy to answer same.

Taking the next step

As we said initially, obtaining a divorce may not rank highly in the fun activities. However, there is no
need to procrastinate. We are accessible from the comfort of your lounge chair. You can complete
your application and we will then take all the necessary steps to remove the other painful aspects of
the process.

Dont procrastinate when the solutions are in front of you. Of course, if you have any queries, do not
hesitate to email us as help@your-divorce.com.au or log onto our website for further information.